Bundling Auto and Property Policies

When you combine multiple polices with LJ Brudnick & Sons you will save even more!

Far too many people do not take advantage of “bundling” (combining) their auto and property coverage. Doing so almost always results in a savings sometimes as much as 20%. The amount of savings does vary based in part on your driving and claim history along with other factors.

Most insurance companies like it when they can provide two or more policies to the same policyholder, as a result they provide discounts.

According to the J.D. Power and Associates 2011 U.S National Auto Insurance Study, 58 percent of customers bundle their home and auto policies that means far too many do not.

A common misconception is that bundling is limited only to people who own a home, which is not true. You can bundle a condominium unit owner policy or an apartment policy with an auto policy. In many cases if you do not carry an apartment or unit owner policy bundling with an auto policy if you have a good driving record can result in your paying a very small amount for the property coverage.

Many people start out buying and keeping their car policy with the Insurance Agency that covered their parents, then when they buy a home they buy that policy from a different agent for several reasons such as the agent that does their car doesn’t do property coverage, they buy the home or condo policy from an Agent referred by their realtor, mortgage broker or the bank providing financing. Not combining your policies with the same agent almost always results in your paying much more than necessary.

Convenience is another reason to bundle with one Agent. Doing so means you don’t deal with multiple offices, and you have just one renewal date to remember. If you have a claim, you need to call only one company and do not have to remember multiple contacts.

Splitting your coverage and not bundling results in you’re paying more than you have to well over 50% of the time. Call us to learn more.