Top 10 Mistakes Made When Buying Auto Insurance

Many car owners make the mistake of purchasing only the minimum coverage or not nearly enough based on their assets and exposure just to save some money. While having very high deductible and selecting insufficient liability coverage will save in the short run, you could end up having to pay thousands of dollars in repair expenses when you get into an accident. Make sure that you avoid buying…CHEAP INSURANCE at a CHEAP PRICE.


If your home, condo, or apartment policy is not bundled with the same Agent that writes your car insurance, most of the time you are losing valuable credits that could save you a substantial amount.


Focusing only or primarily on price often is an expensive mistake when you file a claim. Unless you are one of the few who can read and fully comprehend a policy work with an Independent Insurance Agent that represents several insurance companies not just one or two. Don’t wait until an insurance adjuster has to explain your policy to you after a crash and why you are not necessarily collecting the full amount. Go over your policy terms and exclusions with an agent that will invest the time so you know what you have purchased from top to bottom, an online quote engine can’t do that. Otherwise, you could go around assuming that various things are covered – when they aren’t.


Make sure you provide your insurance company with accurate information. Some people lie about things such as who drives or does not drive their car, what city or town the car is garaged in or used for, where it’s parked at night or other items in order to get a better rate. That is a big mistake and could put your coverage in jeopardy if your misrepresentation(s) come to light. Insurance companies often have ways of finding out about unreported drivers, and other information, if that comes to light, you could be penalized with higher rates, dropped altogether, or have a claim denied all of which could be on your insurance record.


Just because you were quoted one number doesn’t mean that you will get billed at that number. Before committing to buying a policy, get every last detail in writing – including a detailed breakdown about what you are paying for and compare it when you receive your policy.


Be sure to ask any company you request an auto insurance quote from whether or not they offer an accident forgiveness enhancement, if you qualify under certain circumstances your first accident may not increase your rate. In Massachusetts an at fault accident can increase your premium significantly for several years.


As your car gets older or your circumstances change, your insurance coverage needs may change. It is a mistake to not reevaluate with your Agent periodically to see if you need to modify your coverage.


Most car insurance programs offer many discounts examples are being accident-free, low mileage, and having anti-theft devices installed. A professional Insurance Agency should be able to supply a written list of all available discounts, make sure you review it to make certain you receive every single one you qualify for.


One of the most direct ways of saving money on your car insurance policy is to increase your deductible to the highest amount you can afford if you are involved in a car accident but that’s not always best. Always consider the cost of the increased premium versus the policy savings and the level of risk you are comfortable taking. There’s no one approach that is best for everyone.


Most carriers offer similar, if not identical coverage, especially for the coverage that impacts price the most. These include Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability, and Comprehensive & Collision coverage along with their respective deductibles. When comparing cost be absolutely certain the policies you are comparing mirror the coverage in your existing policy. It can be a very expensive lesson otherwise, do not focus just on the price alone, as the saying goes often it can too good to be true.


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